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this is it

and it's nothing but great,
même pas fatigué(e) =)

11.12.09 23:35

the same story again

get along with you!
1.11.09 00:09

Now I know

it's nothing but your absence that makes me feel coldness,
so I miss your warm arm around my shoulder,
it felt great
31.10.09 23:47

Tanz der Vampire

there's nothing more I'm afraid of than being left  behind
from the one I went to church for...

...and from YOU.
31.10.09 23:30

by some means or other

yes, it's like watching out for just nobody
31.10.09 23:15

the day might come

Was it right was it wrong to leave you?
Or should I've maybe fought to keep you?
No one knows
Let's leave it to fade
The day might come
28.10.09 22:13

ten years ago

that's what we dreamt of =)

28.10.09 22:06

love story NO.1


25.10.09 21:19

you have all of me

I'm afraid it's just a dream again,
just something I'll never get
18.10.09 21:20

thank you

thank you GOD for this 
18.10.09 21:12

you deserve more

you deserve more than the most pretty (bitch)
in the world
18.10.09 21:09

wahre Liebe

wahre Liebe kennt keine Grenzen

"ich würde lieber sterben als dir fern zu bleiben!"
18.10.09 21:01

too cold

maybe my heart got too cold without your love
and that's why I couldn't feel it snowing
18.10.09 00:01


again I've been waiting one week
to feel you dancing behind me just one hour
to hear your voice just one minute
to see you smiling just one moment

and again time took you away from me
16.10.09 22:38

don't know

what's the problem with me?
am I not the one you would like to have?

or do you just wait for any (re)action?
4.10.09 21:44

new definition

It's like I'm breaking out of the dark days
4.10.09 21:22

25.9.09 21:56

right into your arms

 maybe I should jump out of the window
into tingly sunshine
into the strength
into the invincibility
into the beauty
into the decideness
into the braveness

into your arms
25.9.09 21:51


fear is what makes me run away again
and fear is what tries to hide my eyes gazing at you

I'm so sick of this
18.9.09 23:03

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