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let go

I want to push my thoughts of you off my mind
and  just watch them escaping into the blue sky

11.9.09 22:08

a game

It's a game of give and take,
you can't hurry love

11.9.09 21:59

what means regretting the past now?

we were  foolish, egoistic,
blind, cold...
9.9.09 23:23

a mask

I'm not the one who hides behind a mask
Do you appreciate this?
9.9.09 23:13

stop and listen

can you see the leaves on the street?
one more time
and can you see the people walking over there?
and can you tell me, will they still walk the next time
when leaves are falling?
Isn't life too short to think everything over
when your heart says YES! ?
9.9.09 22:51


I saw your glory, your lordship
and your great love
in my cat yesterday

9.9.09 22:35


time is what GOD never talked about
maybe, because he presents us with the infinity

8.9.09 22:39


some things look so unconsiderable
and still so indescribable beautiful
8.9.09 22:31

what present looks like

does it hurt you, Jesus?
did it all go wrong?
I'm afraid you do take back your love

8.9.09 22:25

no name for this.

7.9.09 23:30


I've been again watching me in the mirror
boy, you make me so mad
7.9.09 23:28


maybe I'm just ungrateful to you
7.9.09 23:13

suddenly, I know I´m not sleeping

and only your song has fought my tears back today
7.9.09 23:04

please forgive me

I'm sorry for having left you behind for so long
and beeing in doubt about everything

my heart has always been praying for the
love I've found now

please GOD watch me sitting here in
the semidarkness and tell me why he
can't be with me right now!?

7.9.09 00:03

the greatest thing

the easiest thing would be to cast a spell on you

but the greatest thing is to win your love
without any magic
just tell me how to
6.9.09 23:45

it's up to YOU

you've always got the choice between life and death,
just turn round and you'll see a friend waiting

JESUS died to give you a chance to survive
and you've just to accept this
6.9.09 23:39

your voice

you could tell me a million lies now, while I'm
sitting here
and it would be just a pleasure

to hear your voice
6.9.09 23:22

sunlight through the rain

god is like an umbrella:
it's his job to protect us from the rain
and our job to believe on the shafts of sunlight from behind
5.9.09 21:55


nothing is as orignial as our relationship

5.9.09 21:45

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